Opening Disneyland Paris’ Avengers Campus

Last 20th July, we were excited to announce our contribution to the opening of the new Disneyland Paris Avengers Campus, a new area of the theme park related to Marvel’s Universe, and here we are: happy that its opening is now a reality for you.

This has been a very important project where all Teams have making a big efforts and knowledge in order to make this spectacular theme area overwhelming the visitors of this leisure industry leader.

Our relationship with Disney 

In the leisure and themed attractions industry, one of the biggest companies that is a reference to everyone is, unquestionably, Disney. That’s why working for such a great IP is an opportunity to show our value and be part of the very best of the sector. 

However, this is not the first time that our team works for Disney, but yes one of the most important. From the 25th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris with several some works like the Toy Story parade, the Princess carriages or Lighting McQueen photo opportunity, we maintain a close relationship with the undisputed leader in the leisure industry, for whom our staff has developed emblematic projects of the highest quality. 

Building Disneyland Paris’ Avengers Campus

In this new era for Disney in which movies Marvel’s heroes have an importance for the brand, it couldn’t be less to offer a full theme area for one of the biggest claims: The Avengers. And so for the first time they have their own big theme area at Disneyland Paris.

The creation process has been a challenge for all we have been part, due the pandemic time suffered globally, adapting practically all the production phases, to achieve all the goals that this complicated projects request.

The fantastic cooperation between THEMRISE Teams and Disney Imagineering in Paris, Orlando and Los Angeles, permitted to solve all the obstacles and handicaps in every moment, the engineering design, production, manufacture, set up and commissioning. We are very proud with the results.

We have been involved in three individual projects for Avengers Campus Disneyland Paris: The W.E.B Building Rooftop, The Hero Training Center and the Pre-show of the Spiderman W.E.B. Adventure ride.

Avengers Campus

Our project

The Hero Training center is a meet a greet attraction in which guest interact with the main Marvel characters.

This was the most challenging development because is the first time that this attraction is offer in the world and we need to create every step from zero, without any previous reference and all the technical and creative difficulties from the first day.

The first time that this attraction is offer in the world

A four independent rooms themed with the training equipment of each Hero, to materialized the most amazing training center in the world. In this project, were involved more than 100 people and we made all the complete light, sound and electrical integration on the whole theming elements.

The W.E.B Building Rooftop it is an old industrial warehouse’s roof divided in four stages adapted and prepared for the Heroes performances. This project was carried on by more than 60 people. We used close to 50,000 kg. of structural steel with hot deep galvanized protection treatment, and we had to developed special safety solutions for the Superheroes team, following Disney team’s specs.

Pre-show of the W.E.B. Spiderman Adventure ride involved around 50 people, that made all the theming works at the twin rooms, where holograms introduce the guests into the attraction. This area is full of details, furniture and props that create a special atmosphere to excite the visitors.

How we made it

Different from other projects these ones required to adapt the habitual way to operate, improving all the different phases, the engineering methods and manufacture materials, always in line with our environmental respect policy, which Client also appreciated.

The engineering solutions has been a very important part of these projects, having in mind that some of these was created for first time.

We did a hard work to propose the best alternatives to solve an issue or a difficulty, taking in account not only the manufacture and installation phase, also and very important, the future maintenance and replace of the elements, after their life time period.

We developed also the tasks of technical planning, calculations, topographical surveys, foundations and construction drawing for the structural elements.

It was a very important phase the prebuilt in our facilities for testing and control, to verify that everything was as expectations of the Client before send to France. All the prebuild task took place in our own facilities thanks to our wide space and machinery.

At site, the Project Managers supervised all the process from the shipment of materials to the installation of themed and structural elements.

Specially on this project we needed co-activity coordination with other vendors (AV, FX, sound, etc.) to can hide the effects inside the themed elements, for which THEMRISE technical board visited periodically the emplacement to check and control the works.

During all this process, we organized weekly coordination meetings with the  Imagineering  Disney Teams, creative and technical, with staff in Paris, Orlando and L.A. and sending periodical video, samples and photo reports of the production process and preassembly phases.

Check how the inauguration was!


We are really proud to have been part of the team that made Disneyland Paris’ Avengers Campus real and we wish you a great experience at Disneyland Paris and long live Marvel’s heroes. 



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