How important is engineering production in theming?

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We always tend to focus on the final results, on the appearance… But have you ever thought about the importance of engineering production in theming? We have to give importance and work to offer what really matters to people.

For any theming, the structure is the cornerstone of a good project, but the basis of the enjoyment is the engineering production.

Without engineering, theme parks would never be able to offer fun, safety and adrenaline.

Our production engineering team works on the technical planning and calculations of attractions and theming projects to offer the best results not only in terms of design, but in terms of fun, safety and enjoyment.

Topographical plans, foundations, construction drawings of the buildings and other structural elements. Technical drawings of the accesses, parking area and walkways, descriptions of the construction techniques for each element, the safety plan for the construction and more and more.

At THEMRISE we are committed to engineering production and the best way to prove it is to show our projects.

One of the proofs that reaffirms our love for engineering production is the 58-metre drop tower marquee realised for the big Zombieland Blast Off attraction for Motiongate in Dubai.

We developed the detailed design, shop drawings, all engineering calculations and final production, taking into account the extreme climatic conditions of wind due to its height and the exposure to temperature that this element will suffer over time.

From the heat of Dubai we move to the cold of the UK, specifically Auckland, with another of our big engineering production projects.

THEMRISE’s engineering production team largely developed the main elements of the theming for the historic outdoor theatre event “Kynren – an epic tale of England”. Including the great tower that goes in and out of the water in each show.

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We had worked on the precise calculations of the force needed to exert to stand up above the water and constructed in materials that make it resistant to changing temperatures and the UK’s native climate, which makes this engineering production work for Puy du Fou International one of our favourites.

Look through our website to find out more production engineering work and learn about how we approach our theming projects for clients all over the world.

Contact THEMRISE for making your theming and engineering project possible. We work to offer what matters to the Attractions and leisure industry.

Count with THEMRISE team, we theming your world.



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