Why Experience design matters in Attractions industry?

Experience design in Attractions industry
Experience design in Attractions industry

In Attractions industry, emotions are the most important part of the experience. You need to build spaces capable of being surprising and blow people’s mind.

When you want to create leisure, to offer fun, you have to make something different, something unexpected. And so, designing the experience, must come first.

Connect with people, offer them something they value, but overcome their expectative. You have to be surprising.

Experience design in Attractions industry

Why Disney is so special? Because it has developed its own life, its own particular production, that is something new and unexpected even if people already know everything about the characters.

This theme park parts from Disney universe, but it has its own independency, the construction and the experience design have been able to make people feeling like living the movie dream, without the movie.

What matters in Attractions industry

The most important thing in the Attractions industry, is to make the dream possible. For that is necessary to care details and to offer quality, a great production-design, so everything can help to make feel people like in a real new world. 

But specially, you must guarantee security. The big experience won’t be possible without a specialist engineering production to make everything possible and to offer security to help people to believe in our work and attractions, and have an unforgettable experience.

Everything starts with an idea. We design from concept to set up a course for the project success.

Walt Disney Parks Resort Extensa Página 58

Working for the Attractions industry step by step

The idea is the first step. We have to think about which kind of experience we want to offer, the emotions we are looking for, to define a concept. This way we can find the best solution for the design. We design the artistic and the technical plans detailed for the Production Department.

After, we offer a Masterplan in which we connect all the previous design sections unified in a final proposal, together with 3D renders, for the best understanding of the development.

Next, we work at the same step the engineering and the theming production, both in the technical and the artistic production of the park.

Last, we take care of the construction and the project management, we care about every aspect that plays a role in its execution, to the installation of themed and structural elements.

Shaping emotions, designing experience, more than 16 years caring details and making any world possible for big Intellectual properties and brands of the world.

Contact THEMRISE for making possible your theming project. We work for the Attractions industry and leisure.



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