Themed retail and theming for brands. The importance of the consumer experience.


The consumer experience is the priority of the themed retail or theming for brands to can offer an experience helping to push sales or desired behaviors in consumers, making the brand memorable.

Retail design has a great importance in sales and brand notoriety, creating spaces and products capable of impress people and make them closer to different and magic worlds and experience.

Themed retail: the retailtainment

The themed retail keeps a close relationship with architecture but it goes further. Its intentionality is to create a whole experience from the design to the products itself. In this case the consumer experience is the base of the shopping or consuming.

Creating enjoyable environment for shopping or consuming can help sales and extra benefits in terms of prices and brand notoriety, making retail and services entertained and memorable.

Consumer not only pay for the product or the service but for the experience.

For example, Omega Mart, the Meow Wolf’s supermarket in Las Vegas, have born with aim of offering more than a shopping experience. A whole consumer experience, between art, performance and retail.

Theming for brands

Shops are not the unique space for selling, theming is also important to sell services and brands, we can take the experience to different points, as streets, restaurants and exhibitions.

Brands can surprise you anywhere developing actions in non-traditional channels, as street marketing where theming is important, using street furniture, open spaces…

For example, Disney brings theming to their restaurants, hotels, exhibitions and shops, but furthermore collaborates with other brands, like this last campaign together with Ecovidrio. Through theming, Disney try to bring the magic everywhere but also to help to the environmental protection.

Theming can drive ideas that can change the world and make dreams come true.

We theme for brands different worlds in retail shops, restaurants, streets, exhibitions… And we offer a catching consumer experience, in charge of design, production and construction works, taking care of the project from concept design to commissioning.

Our commitment is to complete projects on time, within budget and to the full satisfaction of the customer, because our customers while contemplate a complete refit.

Contact us for making real your theming.



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