Theming in hotels. Case study Zimbali Hotel and Holiday World Polynesia

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Theming in hotels is changing the world. More and more the experience in the
leisure time increases its importance.
A hotel has its own functionality and the theming must be adapted to these
needs, to make it achieve an integrated experience. From design to

Theming in hotels and resorts

The theming of tourist centres, due to their special consideration as spaces not
only for sleeping but also for leisure and holidays, offers a wider range of
leisure and sports activities, in which the theming adds to the experience.

THEMRISE has developed several projects in this field, which have contributed
to the creation of spaces linked to an idea, brought to design and construction
with coherence and great team of experienced professionals.

Design and Construction

Design and construction are the cornerstones of any theming project, where
the idea really comes to life and realism, as well at hotels theming.

Taking care of the materials, the production, the engineering, the transfer of
pieces and the compliance of meticulous safety measures, so that the result is
not only fascinating but also safe and of high quality.

Holiday World Polynesia Hotel

The Holiday World Polynesia Hotel is one of our most renowned hotel theming
projects. We turned a large hotel-resort on the coast of Malaga, with more than
300 rooms and 30,000 m2, into a trip to Polynesian paradise.

We took care of the design and gave rise to a space rich in details, volume and
atmosphere, which has been very well received by customers and is
considered one of the hotels with the best reputation and satisfied customers
in Benalmádena, widely remembered for its theming.

Zimbali Playa Spa Hotel

Another of our great projects in hotel theming is the great Zambali Playa Spa
Hotel, with more than 10,000 m2 of themed terraces, gardens and swimming
areas, located on the Andalusian coast of Almeria.

At Zambali Playa Spa Hotel we had the pleasure to take care of the design,
construction and theming of every indoor and outdoor water fun area of African
inspiration, recognised as one of the best and most spectacular in the area.




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