Theming step by step


Theming step by step: Developing any theming project demands to follow a process step by step. A project begins with an idea to which we have to find the best performance.

To do this, a theming project involves design, production, engineering and construction, the main pillars of theming. Unlike most companies, THEMRISE offers a one-stop shop for theming, developing complete projects from the idea to its commissioning. 

One-stop shop for theming

Theming step by step

Being a one-stop shop for theming allows us to offer a wide range of services to deliver complete projects. But we also collaborate with the best companies specialising in cutting-edge technology, to work on more technological projects, providing a large production of theming. 

Those are the steps we follow to complete our theming works.


1. Concept design 

In this first step we offer to the client the sketches and the complete storyline of the theming developing. 

But we like to go further from our client’s initial idea and strive for the most innovative and creative concepts. That’s our added value!

07 Discovery Ride SCD

2. Schematic design

In the second step we get into details (measurements, scales, distances…) and colors. All the visual aspects that are needed before producing or building a project developed from our Design team in conjunction with our Engineering professionals following the Production recommendations.


3. Masterplan

We offer a general view of the project details. We match the previous design sections and unified them to offer a unique proposal of Design project. 

At this point we offer the 3D renders from the scratches to facilitate the understanding of the themed area or piece and its manufacturing.

4. Detail design

With the masterplan ready we start to develop the technical drawing and the color information. 

5. Technical Study and Production 

Our engineering team will undertake the entire technical planning and calculations of the projects: topographical plan, foundations, construction drawings for buildings and other structural elements.

At the same time in harmony with avant-garde engineering techniques, our artists manually culminate the themed elements. Characteristic textures and shapes are conferred to bring these elements to life and gain in realism.

Island of Legends Al Montazah LQ

6. Prebuild

Prebuilding in our facilities for testing and control. Most of the production takes place in our own facilities of more than 30.000 sqm with the most advanced machinery, before we bring the project to the specific location.  

03 portada retocada

7. Installation and construction 

We set up and finish the production on the customer site. Our Project Managers supervise each and every aspect playing a role in the execution of the project, from the shipment of materials, passing through the hiring of suppliers and personnel, to the installation of themed and structural elements.


Contact our commercial team to know further! 

We make any theming project real 

Count with THEMRISE team, we theming your world.



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Theming step by step

Theming step by step: Developing any theming project demands to follow a process step by step. A project begins with an idea to which we

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