Theming a Waterpark

Summer is coming and people begin to look for enjoyable plans to live a special summer and waterparks are always a good choice to spend a great time with family and friends. So let’s discover the importance of theming a waterpark to engage your customers.

It is necessary to offer a complete service starting from the design and along the whole process caring every detail. Pay attention to what we have to take into account for theming waterparks.

Why theming waterparks is so important?

Theming is setting the atmosphere of an establishment (amusement parks, hotels, restaurants, pools…) by designing pieces and different elements that together creates a theme following a creative idea.

Specially in waterparks theming is important because helps to transform a waterpark into a place that holds its own story.

waterpark maspalomas

Telling a story through theming is an art form. Our design department work to bring up stories everyday at the same time that they build the different elements to make it come true (rocks and ambience objects, animals and exotic creatures, buildings…) Designers and artists work hand-to-hand in order to create a narrative capable to catch the customers in themed and attractive environments that make them to remember the park through the years.

If there is not a concept design and we have to create one, this is the first stage of theming. During this step is when our designers work on the sketches, characters and the story lines.

We must always put first the coherence. All the elements must follow a guiding theme to adjust to the concept idea and our own image.

Waterpark Aqualand Maspalomas masterplan

We have to focus our efforts in including creativity in the park’s story so that you stand out from the rest of competitors and build a remarkable brand image.

At THEMRISE we theming a waterpark in order to satisfy customer specific needs. We work with the client to understand their ideas and approach and give the park and attractions adequate storytelling.

During more than 16 years we have helped many different parks and waterpark to create catching environments and experience that overcome their customers expectations.

For us, any project is a harmonious combination of all the THEMRISE team. This teamwork enables us to get a perfect balance between efficiency and creativity, with the main objective of responding to both needs; amusement parks and their customers.

Theming waterparks: Waterparks in Canary Islands

One example of our good theming for waterparks in Canary Islands. The Client trusted in THEMRISE team to renovate the theming of their waterpark that thanks to the great work of them, they could preview and decide details about the design works (technical and artistic work) before the construction started. In Maspalomas and Costa Adeja, a great part of the THEMSIRE team were responsible of the theming works for one the most important attraction of the waterpark: The Pirate’s River. It was very important to follow the conceptual framework of the park and giving to it something special in order to differentiate their theming, including a pirate boat, a big wall and a bridge.

waterpark aqualand maspalomas 1

How do we work?

THEMRISE is specialized in the use of different materials and techniques in order to create whatever the client needs. There are no limits for THEMRISE in the production for theming a waterpark.

Our modern production facilities (+30.000 sqm) have the most advanced machinery, to develop projects based on FRP, TXT Mortar, Fiberglass, Resins, etc.

The combination of these techniques allow us to create impressive and professional theming elements for waterparks, theme parks, hotels…

THEMRISE team is really committed to the achievement of the objectives of our different clients and their needs. We crearte perfect atmosphere.

Contact us to theming a waterpark. We work to offer customers what matters to the attractions and leisure industry. Get success.



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Theming a Waterpark

Summer is coming and people begin to look for enjoyable plans to live a special summer and waterparks are always a good choice to spend

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