Virtual Reality in amusement parks: the future is now

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Who hasn’t felt the adrenaline when riding a roller coaster, or who screamed on an amusement park ride? Amusement parks have been in our lives for many years and they still survive because they adapt to you, whether we are 10 or 50 years old.

How do they do it? Because they adapt to us and offer new technology to make our experience better and better in time.

Technological innovation has brought about a change in the way we interact with the world around us

Technologies such as virtual reality can provoke extraordinary experiences for users in a different environment from the real world, that helps to make them life a dream, the most important part of the theming experience.

Virtual reality (VR) have changed cities and our life without moving from home, we have been able to experience live concerts, feeling that we were really there when we were not, because we can construct immersive environments.

VR is coming to elevate the experiences in these amusement parks to the maximum

Integrating VR into amusement parks aims to create more ambitious projects, bringing together live action and great experiences. An unprecedented combination that will make experiences as immersive, fun and captivating as possible, to make any dream, any theming more alive.

Although it is a technology that still not very widespread nowadays, it will soon reach the main theme parks around the world. Get ready for virtual reality because China already has opened SoReal VR, a 32,000 m2 100% virtual reality theme park, and will open soon one more.

THEMRISE team is constantly researching new purposes, and we have already worked on a Projection Mapping for DKR project with Triotech for Legoland Parks and their Ninjago: The Ride , which won the first prize for Best Interactive Ride at the UK Theme Park Awards 2021.

VR came to stay in theme parks. From virtual roller coasters to space battles, bungee jumping, robots and experiential tours. Technology has no limits and futuristic amusement parks are here.

Count with THEMRISE team, we theming your world.



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