VISION 2030 for Saudi Arabia

The world is changing little by little and this project VISION 2030 is a clear example of it. Saudi Arabia is immersed in a project whose mission is to transform their image by implementing new concepts and attractions to make a more attractive country.

Those are some of the aspects in which THEMRISE contributes to VISION2030 and how

What is VISION 2030?

VISION2030 is a project of transformation that will change the image of Saudi Arabia in order to attract more people to the country by expressing their long-term goals and expectations and reflecting their strengths and capabilities.

The vision 2030 is based on three pillars. First, their status as the heart of the Arab and Islamic worlds. By this point they want to play down the importance of the petrol and they give them to the Two Holy Mosques that are very attractive places for the muslims. They want to demonstrate their capability to increase international tourism by offering the main cultural attractions and constructing new ones. 

Another pillar is their determination to convert the nation into an investment powerhouse because of the wide investment capabilities which are based on their technologies and natural resources. And finally, due to their geographic position between three continents (Europe, Asia and Africa), they considered themselves as an epicenter of trade and the gateway to the world.

Vision 2030 Interior Blog

What we bring to VISION 2030?

As we have made public on our social networks we have signed a collaboration with Walhorn Arabia to develop our theming manufacturing services in this amazing country of Middle East. Walhorn defines itself as a “consultancy group of experts in strategies, programs development, hospitality management, concepts production, architainment design and cultural innovation”

Walhorn Arabia is a fusion between Fawaz AlGhamdi, a building sustainable financial formats business, and the work of Olivier Panhuys in Entertainment and Leisure activities and his USA based Walhorn Worldwide LLC.

One of the main objectives of Walhorn Arabia is to serve the progressive projects aligned to Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 programs. And thanks to our help THEMRISE will be able to take part in a project that has the purpose to change the philosophy of the country and transform it to a new place where there will be space for new ideas.

Due to the fact that one of the main objectives is to give Saudi Arabia an important role in the tourism world, theming will be a required aspect that can make the difference when it comes to the construction of theme parks, hotels, shopping centers, leisure zones… Saudi Arabia has to stand out among other countries that are really committed to tourism for a long time and have a positive image for the rest of the world.

Saudi Arabia has a really long way to go in order to convert them into a moderate and modern country where people all over the world feel themselves envolved and at home. It is an honor for us to take part in this VISION 2030 project that will have a really big impact on the world.



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