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Knowing history is essential for our culture, development and education, but it is not always easy to transmit it in an interesting way, especially to the younger ones. In this blog we will tell you about the case of Kynren 11 Arches, park-show developed by Puy du Fou in which the THEMRISE team was responsible for all the theming.

In picturesque County Durham, England, stands this epic show that transports visitors through the centuries. This amazing outdoor event is a perfect example of how theming can be used to tell history in a completely captivating and educational way.

The Kynren show:

Theming is the art of creating an environment that transports people to a specific time and place. Kynren takes it to the next level by combining theming with storytelling, creating a live show that is true masterpieces of historical interpretation.

This is a nighttime show that combines dazzling visual effects, live performances and an epic setting to tell the story of England from prehistoric times to World War II.

The key to Kynren’s success resides in its ability to theme each segment of the story. As the sun sets and the lights come up, the audience is transported through time in a multi-sensory experience. From the ambiance to the costumes to the performances, every detail is carefully designed to recreate the authenticity of each period.

The history:

The show manages to narrate 2000 years of English history, from the Prehistoric times to the Second World War, in 90 minutes, combining technology, pyrotechnics, choreography and performances.

The show begins with a depiction of life in prehistoric times, highlighting how the first inhabitants of the region interacted with nature and with each other.

It continues with the arrival of the Romans in Britain, showing the construction of a Roman camp and daily life under Roman occupation. Visitors can witness Boudicca’s courageous but doomed uprising against the Romans and the clash of Viking and Anglo-Saxon leaders at the battle of Stamford Bridge.

Another part of the show is dedicated to the magical encounter of the future King Arthur with the Lady of the Lake, being able to witness in first person how he extracts the sword Excalibur from the stone.

In addition to the theming itself, Kynren also uses narrative elements to guide the audience through the story. Through fictional and real characters, the show connects historical events into a cohesive and exciting narrative. This allows the audience to feel more connected to the story and better understand its context.

This is an inspiring example of how history can be told through theming. By combining exciting storytelling, authentic immersion and meticulous attention to historical detail, the show succeeds in taking visitors on a journey through time. This is not just entertainment, but an exciting and enriching education. Kynren 11 Arches proves that well-executed theming can truly transform the way we experience and understand history.




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