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Theme parks are places for people of all ages to enjoy intense sensations and create unforgettable memories with their friends and family. However, with the growing awareness of the importance of sustainability and environmental preservation, visitors prefer these places to be more sustainable, especially the younger ones.

But sustainability in theme parks is not only limited to waste management or energy conservation. It goes far beyond that and embraces a wide range of initiatives starting from the design of the structures, through the construction with sustainable materials to the conservation of natural spaces.

Design phase

When a new project begins, it must comply with current environmental regulations, which define the potential impact that any new construction will have on the environment. 

The design and construction phase are the first and probably the most important, as the design aimed at reducing emissions and increasing energy efficiency is the starting point, where small details can make a big difference.

When designing the different zones, it should be noted that a particular design can focus on improving water management and promoting water conservation. THEMRISE team is committed to the responsible use of water in all our production process, especially in the implementation of water throughout all our production processes, particularly in the development of water-based attractions, with the aim of attaining optimal efficiency levels.


The choice of materials used to build the structures can be key to improving sustainability, because on the one hand, materials such as mortar can replace the stones that are extracted from nature.

On the other hand, resources such as certified wood, ecological resin, and 3D printing can be of minimal environmental impact and durable, requiring less maintenance and reducing waste generation in the long term.

Digital transformation has also reached the environmental management of the parks with tools that allow optimizing and improving the work at the stage of construction.

Biodiversity conservation

During theme park construction, measures can be taken to preserve local biodiversity. This involves avoiding the destruction of key natural habitats and designing the park to integrate harmoniously with the surrounding natural environment.

It is important to note that sustainability in theme parks not only benefits the environment, but also the facilities themselves. Adopting sustainable practices can help reduce costs in the long run by reducing energy and water consumption.




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