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A few months ago, in the heart of Farmington, Utah at Lagoon Park, a new attraction was opened: Primordial. A 4D interactive dark ride roller coaster, project created with the participation of THEMRISE team, that has become the talk of thrill-seekers and was voted as #1 New Theme Park Attraction in 2023 by USA Today’s.

In this blog we are going to talk about our project, the story on which it is based and all the technical intricacies of this new interactive ride.

A Tale of Mystical Creatures and Noble Quests

Primordial’s storyline unfolds in a mythical realm governed by the whims of the dragon Dragnor and owl Astradir, responsible for the kingdom’s day/night cycle.

However, when malevolent forces capture these beings in the Dolomite mountains, it falls to the riders to embark on a noble quest. The lynx queen Azdra, represented through an animatronic, invites the visitors to free Dragnor and Astradir, thus restoring peace to the magical land.

The attraction includes ten meticulously crafted themed scenes set in the Middle Ages, where THEMRISE was responsible for all aspects from conceptual design to final commissioning. The THEMRISE team designed, manufactured and installed the themed elements, walls, facades, some special effects and environmental details throughout the attraction.

The development of the ride

The development of Primordial took years and involved more than 40 people specialized in design, engineering, manufacturing and installation. THEMRISE ensured the use of high-quality materials from renowned brands, respecting local and international standards at all times.

The commitment to story and character personality is evident in the development of unique characters for Primordial, which add a unique touch to the attraction.

Project management coordination facilitated a perfect adaptation to the client’s requirements and collaboration with other suppliers. Meticulous traceability control of each material and element used was maintained throughout the entire process, ensuring flawless execution.

Characteristics of the attraction

The creators of this ride wanted to make it so you could come back and see something different each time. That’s why this adventure has eight different possible endings featuring either the dragon or the owl.

Visitors will be able to learn about different stories where a dragon and an owl bring the light of day and night, being able to release one of them each time.

With a top speed of 40 miles (64 km) per hour and a height of 84 feet (25 meters), comparable to that of an eight-story building, Primordial guarantees an unforgettable experience for thrill-seekers.




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