Why is important to introduce amusement park technology?

Nowadays technological advances are an essential aspect to take into account in every industry because it offers new opportunities to still grow in many different ways. With the amusement park technology it can’t be different. There are a wide variety of options in order to improve the customer experience through new technologies in amusement parks. 

Today we talk about the different ways to innovate and make the experience more complete.

New technologies in amusement parks

Many of the high-tech, low-touch solution parks implemented during the pandemic to enable the reopening are here to stay and, in fact, are proving popular with both guests and parks operators. 

One of the most welcome improvements has been theme park maps for smartphones that show waiting times for attractions and virtual queues, whereby customers request access to an attraction or restaurant on an app, which can help reduce queuing times and improve the experience. These resources are useful for planning the visit. Visitors would enjoy themselves more if they could organize the trip before going to the theme park.  

Parks are also introducing advanced robotics to provide additional safety checks on attraction infrastructure and to facilitate other aspects of park operations. These resources are also useful for introducing advanced theming robots of the characters.

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Another possibility is wearable tech. Radio-frequency identification wristbands allow guests to wear their identity and credit card information on their wrists, while staying connected to the theme park’s database. 

Trends amusement park technology

Two examples of cutting-edge technologies in theme parks.

Virtual reality (VR) is a computer-generated environment with scenes and objects that appear to be real. VR allows people to immerse yourselves in different scenes as if you were there as a main character. 

Theme parks have started to use virtual reality technology on roller coasters, water slides or free-fall towers, for a more impressive experience exploring new worlds.

Another technology that can be integrated into theme parks is augmented reality, a technology that allows virtual elements to be superimposed on our view of reality. Is a tool to tell better stories and deepen the relationship with visitors. 

All parks can, and should, consider enhancing their offerings with augmented reality experiences, which can go a long way towards making people want to come back. 

Keep growing: The latest news in technologies

To be inspired to create and innovate, it is important to know how new technologies are developing and what the latest trends are. For this reason, we followed and attended ISE 2022, the world’s largest AV and systems integration show, which took place in May. There we were able to discover the most current actuations that take place in the industry.

So, in conclusion, we draw some insights into what trends in technologies theme parks can incorporate. Particularly noteworthy is technology that enables immersive, collaborative and interactive 3D experiences capable of creating personalized experiences for each viewer. 

The world of new technologies in theme parks offers many opportunities. Customers are looking for the best experience, so we must implement new resources and innovate processes to differentiate our offer. To this end, THEMRISE collaborates with the best technological development companies to carry out the most innovative theming projects.



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