How important are clients building up amusement parks?


The beginning of any theming project it comes even before the idea, it comes with the client. We need to discover what clients will enjoy of amusement parks and how we can offer a new experience that can fit in the market.

Amusement parks are the one of the most common theming projects, but not the unique one. As the client is the base of any experience we need to focus on their wishes and overcome their expectative.

We create an experience based on the client, the key of the success, in amusement parks and any theming project, and for that we follow the trends and improve changes. We are growing day by day to offer the final client the best results so the companies we work with can find success.

We work close with the most important IP’s, companies and brands of the world to make any theming project the best proposal to our clients.

Meet some of our most relevant works:

  • Legoland
Legoland 01
  • Disney Parks & Resorts
Walt Disney Parks Resort Extensa Página 02
  • Angry Birds World
Captura de pantalla 2021 05 20 a las 11.07.47
  • Puy du Fou
LeCampDuDrap 05
Le Camp Du Drap
Kynren Eleven Arches Puy du Fou Página 11
  • Ferrariland
Ferrariland Port Aventura Página 12
  • Merlin Entertainments Group
How to Train Your Dragon Heide Park Página 02
  • National Museum of Qatar
National Museum of Qatar Oil Themed Wall Página 11
  • Compagnie des Alpes CDA
  • Chimelong Group
02 jubilee entrance portal
  • Evergrande
18 03 21 The island color Acabado
  • Holiday World
HolidayWorldPolymesia 03

We guide the overall project delivery from concept to set a course for project success. Design, engineering, production and commissioning. We are open to your projects.

We make real your amusement park. Clients are the base and we pursue strategic relationships with our partners to get to success.

Count with THEMRISE team, we theming your world.



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